140918_eastviewThe Industrial Lofts project captures the spirit of the Arts District and will provide a number of important community benefits

• Superior design by Lorcan O’Herlihy a renowned and very talented architect who intimately knows the Arts District and has taught at Sci Arc;

• Subterranean parking (528 new spots) with two levels above grade.

• Double‐height concrete construction at ground level allows for mezzanine live/work units and commercial flexibility

• It will feature a prominent exterior green space with a plaza area. • It will create 360 live/work lofts between 580 sq. ft. & 1,200 sq. ft

• The development will have an affordable housing component making the space available to qualified applicants

• Creation of 45 to 60 stable full time jobs, many times more than the existing eight provided by the Cold Storage Facility, which recently filed for bankruptcy

• Sustainable construction and design, including water and energy saving features, and electric car charging stations. Mandating steel and concrete construction (types I & II) ultimately damages the Arts District Community as well as future developers’ ability to meet the community’s needs.

• Requiring Type I or II construction adds substantial construction costs, rendering all but the tallest and least compatible projects financially infeasible.

• The added costs also lead to higher rents, pricing out many potential buyers and ultimately creating harmful gentrification.

• Finally, The Industrial Lofts project includes true live/work units with tall ceilings, workspace and open floor plans. The flexible nature of these units can satisfy demand for both housing and work space, making a full redevelopment and repurposing of the site unnecessary in the future.

Camden is using honest and open business practices

• Camden began pursuing its project in July, 2012 and formally submitted an entitlement application in September 2013.

• It is longstanding practice to for the City to process new zoning ordinances concurrently with individual projects, such as the Industrial Lofts, because current projects provide concrete examples of how new zoning concepts will be implemented.