Mixed Use Development: 1525 Industrial Street

140918_courtyardThe proposed development is located at 1525 Industrial Street on the corner of Industrial Street and Alameda Street, currently a cold storage facility. Camden, the developer of the site, is a highly skilled and practiced real estate developer and committed to being the best in providing Living Excellence to its customers. Camden has a long history in development of mixed-use projects and is highly inclusive in design development participation by interested Arts District community members.

The proposed development site is approximately 2.5 acres with roughly 350,000 square feet, and seven stories tall. This mixed-use project will provide much needed live/work units for the Arts District area by providing 360 units. At the street level the project contains double height live/work lofts, as well as creative retail and restaurant spaces gathered around the West Court to activate the important public amenity.

The development has many of the amenities that stakeholders have favored for new projects in the Arts District, such as tall ceilings, specifically live/work units with ample work space and open floor plans. The flexible nature of these units can satisfy demand for both housing and workspace, making them more usable over time.

Existing BldgThe designer for the development is Lorcan O’herlihy, founder of the award-winning Los Angeles creative architecture and design firm, LOHA, whose commitment to producing work of exceptional rigor and excellence has already garnered wide-support from the Arts District Community for the proposed development.


Lorcan O’Herlihy teaches Architecture at USC’s School of Architecture and currently is working on green alleys, connectivity mapping, and public space analysis in the Arts District. In addition, the designer participates in various community groups and boards within the Arts District. The streets around the development will be activated with a new streetscape with trees and much needed green landscape, which assist in beautifying the area. Community connectivity through paseos from Industrial Street to Mill Street, as well as building height, floor heights and live/work units, adhere to many of the provisions included in the Arts District Live/Work Ordinance.

Moreover, Camden is committed to the Arts District lifestyle and the promotion of healthy living by providing 480 bicycle parking spaces on site to encourage bicycle use as an alternative mode of transportation in the area.

Landscape & Site



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